Public power utility customers enjoy a number of benefits: low-cost power, reliability, and local, hometown service.  

Low-cost power:

Municipally-owned utilities are often able to provide a lower-cost power to their customers than investor-owned utilities because they do not exist to make a profit for shareholders.  All money earned by a municipally-owned utility is used to cover costs and is invested back into the system to improve the system for everyone.


A public power utility is owned by the community it serves – everything from the poles in the ground to the meters on houses.  Whenever there is a problem with the system, it is addressed immediately by the workers at that utility.  They have a sense of pride and a sense of ownership in the utility, which shows in the care and maintenance they provide for every line, every pole, and every customer.

Local, hometown service:

Public power employees are your friends and neighbors.  They attend your church, their kids go to your kids’ school, and they have the same pride in your community that you do.  That pride shows in their work on the utility distribution system – every pole, meter and wire is maintained to the highest standards by someone in the community.  If there is a problem with your service and you contact the utility office, you talk with an actual person that works in a local office just a few miles down the road.  No answering service, no wait times – just the great service you would expect from your hometown utility provider.

Did you know?

Fourteen percent of the US population is served by a public power utility.
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