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IMPA Service Corp. Operations is a service available to municipally owned electric utilties in Indiana.  By providing assistance in the areas of system management, distribution utility  services, outage restoration and substation maintenance, IMPA's experienced crews and staff work with your utility to solve issues, large and small, and ensure a quality electric service to your customers.  Download our services brochure to the right, then contact us to learn more about our services and determine how we can assist you.

IMPA Service Corp is currently offering assistance in the following areas:

System Management:
System Management Services are available to any IMPA member interested in outsourcing the operating functions of their utility, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.  Utilities would then be able to educate their own staff resources to assist in other areas where needed.  Additionally, members avoid the need to hire and pay for full-time, qualified personnel, reducing the cost burden on the municipality.

Distribution Utility:
Our four-man crews are available to assist with routine system maintenance, large-scale construction projects, and substantial rebuild construction projects.  System planning and engineering assistance is also available to those members desiring to single-source their system's planning, maintenance and construction needs.

Outage Restoration:
Aimed at reducing the duration of distribution system power outages, IMPA Service Corp has regional alliances for the purpose of providing IMPA's smaller members with adequate line personnel and equipment in the event of an outage on their system. Our Operations crew will coordinate the procedures and staffing requirements for outage response to participating members.

Substation Maintenance:
IMPA Service Corp can also work with member communities to offer Substation Maintenance Services to utilities as they operate and maintain substation distribution equipment.

Download the IMPA Service Corp Operations brochure to learn more about the services available to municipal utilities.
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