Rate Related Studies:

Cost of service studies

  • IMPA Service Corp. prepares all aspects of electric rate studies for members, including:
    • Gathering data from the various resources
    • Establishing the revenue requirements
    • Developing the cost-of-service studies which allocate the utility costs appropriately to each rate classification
    • Utilizing the cost of service study results to prepare the rate design
    • Preparing rate comparisons of the proposed rate design to rates of other utilities
    • Presenting the results of the study to member staff and Councils
    • Assisting with preparing and supporting the filing at the IURC with written and oral testimony, if requested.

Tracker Calculations

  • IMPA Service Corp. calculates quarterly tracking factors/fuel cost adjustment factors for members
    • Single tracker for all classes
    • Individual rate class trackers
    • Demand and energy trackers for large power customer classes

Development of Special Rates

  • IMPA Service Corp. can help in special cases of rate design required for large utility customers that can account for:
    • Power factor penalties
    • Time of use rates
    • Off-peak operation
    • Rates for a separate delivery voltage

Development or review of Terms and Conditions of service

  • Developing Terms and Conditions for utility customers to include terms of service, customer responsibilities, rate assignment, provisions for energy theft, etc.
  • Review of existing utility Terms and Conditions to recommend changes or updates as needed

Regulatory Filings

  • Management of compliance programs for NERC Reliability Standards, which includes:
    • Interpretation and application of Reliability Standards
    • Creation of reliability documents
    • Scheduling of regulatory reports
    • NERC Audit preparation
    • Participation in meetings with regulatory agencies 

Asset Evaluation Studies

  • Perform a system wide inventory of fixed assets (poles, transformer, conductor, etc.)
  • Help determine present net worth of utility assets
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