Retail Customer Services

Rate Analysis and Interpretation

  • Review of customer loading data to determine if a customer should be moved to a different rate schedule

Load Profile by Area or Device

  • Monitoring of customer equipment or plant area to determine energy consumption patterns.  Data could be used to improve energy efficiency, power quality, or power factor.

Energy Audits

  • Provide site walk-through to assess areas where energy consumption could be reduced such as lighting, HVAC, and variable frequency drives.
  • Recommend methods to reduce customer’s overall energy usage
  • Analysis of Energy Management Systems

Power Quality Monitoring and Power Factor Assessment

  • Provide monitoring at customer locations to assess any power issues that may be occurring (low voltage, frequent outages, poor power factor).
  • Develop solutions and make recommendations to customers to correct any issues found on their system

Infrared Observations

  • Use infrared scans to observe and diagnose common hot-spot problems at a customer site such as:
    • Loose connections
    • Failure of insulating materials (bushings, insulators, etc.)
    • Premature failure of power fuses
    • Potential issues in metal-clad switchgear
    • Maintaining underground equipment such as padmount transformers and underground cables

Substation/Switchgear/Relay Testing and Maintenance

  • IMPA Service Corp. has the ability to test most electro-mechanical and microprocessor based protective relays including Schwitzer Electric Laboratories, ABB, General Electric, and Cooper Recloser Controls.
  • Develop testing requirements for newly installed customer equipment such as power transformers, circuit breakers, and metal-clad switchgear.
  • Create maintenance plans for existing customer equipment

Key Accounts Representation

  • Help build and maintain relationships with large utility customers in order to maintain their business
  • Promote utility to interested customers in order to encourage further economic development
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