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IMPA works closely with both its Members and local economic development organizations to help achieve the goal of attracting and retaining businesses in its Members’ service territories.  IMPA also provides economic development programming to strengthen economic development efforts for our Member municipalities.

No two IMPA Members are identical, and each community has its own goals for its local economy.  As such, IMPA has developed various services to enable each community to determine resources that work best for its needs.  Additionally, if a Member has a specific economic development initiative, IMPA will work diligently to find opportunities to partner with the Member.

IMPA wants to support each of its Members’ efforts to grow.  Strong business customer bases within our Member communities make IMPA as a whole stronger. This is a win-win for our Members’ rate-paying customers – keeping IMPA wholesale rates affordable.

For more information, or to set up a meeting to see what opportunities are available for your municipality, contact IMPA at (317) 573-9955 or


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