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Location consultants often explain that finding the appropriate location and community for a project is not a selection process, but rather an elimination process.  In order to keep your community on the list, a community needs to provide all the information that is requested by the site location consultant in a timely manner, and in a form that is very usable and easy to understand.  More and more of today’s search processes take place on the Internet, and a community may be eliminated from a site location search before it even knows that it is being considered.  Having a proper web presence is increasingly important for economic development, not only because site location consultants use the web to initiate searches, but also because many companies that perform these searches on their own are even more likely to use the Internet to gather initial information.

IMPA has created programming that focuses upon essential marketing elements to put together a competitive program, including a strong web presence.

Website Assessments

IMPA sponsors a program to assess members' economic development websites and assist members in enhancing their online marketing and communication. This program includes a professional evaluation and diagnostic check of the website, as well as a complete written analysis regarding each community’s sites and opportunities for improvement.

Such assessments are especially helpful when the expectations for available information keep changing as the Internet, and its users, become more sophisticated. 

Website Template

IMPA, along with a group of local economic development partnering organizations, has developed a robust form for an economic development template website that may be customized with an individual economic development organization’s content, colors and themes.  Organizations participating in the template program are able to obtain a website with an easy-to-use content management system, automatic data feeds of pertinent community and regional data and statistics, as well as a site and building database.  By using economies of scale, IMPA is able to offer its Members and their partnering economic development organizations a useful resource at a greatly reduced cost.  Additionally, the template has been developed by a website developer with specific expertise in economic development websites.  The completed websites reflect what businesses and site location consultants seek.

Opportunities to participate are available on a limited basis by contacting IMPA.

Mystery Shopper

IMPA annually contracts with different experienced site selection consulting firms to assess responses to project leads submitted by economic development professionals who represent the Member communities.  A Member or its economic development teams must request to participate in this annual program before receiving this evaluation.   Through this “mock” submission, these professionals receive critical feedback about their procedures, response tactics and marketing materials. Additionally, the site selection consultant meets with the participating Members to discuss their submissions and subsequently provides a written report and analysis.  Not only do the Members receive knowledgeable feedback, they also develop a relationship with a site consultant who will likely have future projects considering Indiana.

Members or economic development representatives may contact IMPA at any time to discuss this program.  Up and until the request for information is sent by the site consultant, IMPA is able to add economic development teams to the list.

Site Location Consultant Community Assessments

On a limited basis, IMPA offers opportunities for Member communities to have a site location consultant travel to the individual community and assess the municipality’s available sites and buildings and marketing initiatives.  The consultant can even assess the way community tours are conducted. 
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