Engineering/Rate Analysis

As a joint action agency, IMPA works with its Members, at the Member’s request, to provide engineering support and rate analysis both relating to future economic development planning and specific project support. 

Future Planning

Each community should develop its own economic development plan and the steps to achieve it.  Since the recession began, businesses often make quick project-related decisions, placing existing buildings and shovel ready sites in high demand.  A key component to attracting a project is being able to quickly provide information about your infrastructure.  IMPA often works with Members to address concerns that they may have related to their electrical distribution system.  If issues are investigated and addressed proactively, then Members are able to be more responsive when potential projects arise, potentially giving them the competitive advantage that is needed to win the project.  Additionally, a holistic assessment of a system may help identify logical places for growth within your community.

IMPA can also work with Member utilities to determine whether local rates are competitive and consistent with the community’s economic development goals, or whether rate adjustments could help facilitate the expansion of existing business and industry or the attraction of new projects.  The correct rate structure is particularly important when working with industries that consume large amounts of power.

If you are interested in working with IMPA on your future planning activities, please fill out the form below.  IMPA will contact you and will work with your IMPA Commissioner, your community’s representative on IMPA’s governing board, to determine the best strategy for your community.

Specific Project Assistance

IMPA often works with Members and their local economic development teams to prepare specific responses to requests for information on project leads or to support Members at project visits resulting from a company inquiry.  Whether a specific rate analysis is needed to determine an attractive rate for a new industrial customer, or whether a company needs a forecast of the predictability of rates at the wholesale level, IMPA is available to assist.  IMPA works with Members to support the local economic development team effort and bring growth to Members’ services territories.  If you need assistance, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.

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