Marketing IMPA's Members

IMPA looks for opportunities to strategically promote the competitive advantages of IMPA Members’ service territories.  IMPA often works with regional economic development organizations, serving our Member communities, to co-market IMPA Member communities by attending and sponsoring sales trips, site selector/company networking opportunities and co-marketing with regional organizations.  Co-marketing not only helps the Members within the region, it also helps Members statewide by building awareness about IMPA and the competitive advantages of public power.

E-Marketing Blasts

IMPA provides periodic email updates about IMPA and Member news, projects happening in IMPA’s Member communities and competitive advantages of doing business in Indiana and public power communities.  IMPA uses the email based marketing to help keep in contact with business leaders and location consultants throughout the year and to help keep them abreast of local developments.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

IMPA participates in the Indiana Economic Development Corporation's cooperative advertising efforts to generate leads and drive economic development traffic to Member communities. IMPA assists with domestic sales trips to promote Indiana and co-markets with IEDC through its electronic marketing efforts.

The majority of statewide project leads come through the IEDC.  IMPA disseminates these leads to our Member Commissioners which are in the project’s requested parameters.  Additionally, IMPA can assist Members or their economic development teams to load sites and building into the IEDC's site and building database, which populates IMPA’s site and building database.  IMPA can also assist with the actual submission of projects through IEDC’s project submission system.
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