About Public Power

Municipal electric utilities, sometimes known as public power utilities, are not-for-profit entities owned and operated by the communities they serve.   Public Power was created to give rate-paying electric consumers an alternative resource to profit-oriented utilities.  Public power utilities added competition to the industry and gave citizens some protection from the high rates charged by existing utilities.  In short, municipalities began operating their own electric systems to provide citizens with a necessary service at a fair price.
An added benefit of public power?  Neighbors helping neighbors.  Instead of calling an 800 number in a remote location when customers have a problem or question about their service, customers of municipally-owned utilities simply call a local number and talk to someone right there in their community. They can go down to the local office and speak to someone they know and trust. They can count on the fact that any problems with the electric system will be fixed promptly by the local electric crew, who not only work there, but live nearby. Local, hometown service is one of the many benchmarks of a public power utility.

In Indiana, 72 Public Power systems serve communities ranging in size from 175 to 60,000 people, serving about 7% of the state's electric load. 

Did you know?

There are over 2,000 public power utilities in the United States.
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