Customer Service Boost Camp Webinar 

Nurturing customer relationships and meeting customer needs are as critical to your utility’s success as keeping the lights on. Customer preferences are evolving, and expectations for instant access to information and support are increasing. As a public power utility, your organization needs the support and goodwill of the communities you serve.

We’re bringing back TVPPA’s Diana Bryant to explore techniques for customer engagement through the Customer Service Boost Camp Webinar.  Attendees of this session will dive into topics such as Customer Centric Service, ways to respond to customer behavior, tips for email communication, shock and awe service techniques, levels of listening and “How to Wow” ideas. Additionally, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll explore ways to meet the needs of customers while staying six feet apart.

This webinar focuses on developing a culture of excellence in customer service among all public power utility employees and governing officials. Therefore, while the course content is designed for customer service managers, supervisors, and representatives, the course is also recommended for utility senior managers with cross-departmental responsibilities, governing board representatives, and senior officials.

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