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Economic Development

IMPA, the wholesale power provider to 60 communities in Indiana and one in Ohio, is proud to partner with its Member communities and their local economic development teams, supporting local economic and community development efforts.

If you are an IMPA Member or economic development partner, IMPA offers a variety of services to assist you in your economic development activities.  Most importantly, IMPA assists local economic development efforts by providing consistently low-cost, reliable and environmentally-responsible power. 

IMPA understands that the cost of electricity is a major factor in a business’ cost of operation, and IMPA is striving to offer competitive wholesale rates to its Members for the foreseeable future. In fact, due to careful planning and resource management, IMPA now offers some of the lowest electric wholesale rates in the State of Indiana.   IMPA is fiscally-strong, with assets totaling over $1.7 billion, including generation and transmission resources.  As a result of wise investments in new generation and successful management decisions, IMPA expects its rates to remain stable and well below the rates of other utilities in Indiana.  IMPA is in a strong financial position moving forward.

If your business is considering locating or growing, there is no better place than in one of IMPA’s public power communities.  Like IMPA, Indiana is fiscally-strong and currently holds the highest bond ratings from all three major rating agencies.  Please take a moment to learn more about IMPA’s Members and the competitive advantages of doing business in a public power community and in the State of Indiana.


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