Prairie State Energy Campus


The Prairie State Energy Campus includes a pulverized coal-fired generating station and associated mine, rail, water, coal combustion waste storage and ancillary support that is located in Washington and Randolph Counties in southwest Illinois. The generating station consists of two supercritical units with a nominal net output capacity of 800 MW each. IMPA’s 12.64% undivided ownership interest in Prairie State is approximately 200 MW.  

The Prairie State Energy Campus is situated adjacent to underground coal reserves owned by the Prairie State Participants.   The coal mine is expected to supply all the fuel for Prairie State for approximately 30 years.  Prairie State is among the cleanest coal burning plants in the United States. The plant utilizes state-of-the-art control technologies including low NOx burner controls, SCR for NOx removal, dry electrostatic precipitators, wet flue gas desulfurization and wet electrostatic precipitators.