Economic Development

Powering the economies of municipal electric communities

Economic Development

If your business is considering locating or growing, there is no better place than in one of IMPA’s public power communities. Like IMPA, Indiana is fiscally-strong and currently holds the highest bond ratings from all three major rating agencies. Please take a moment to learn more about IMPA’s Members and the competitive advantages of doing business in a public power community and in the state of Indiana.

For more information on IMPA's economic development efforts, please contact:
Bryan Brackemyre
Vice President of Member Services

  • Economic Development Rider

    IMPA offers an electric incentive to companies within its members' communities that meet certain criteria.

  • Economic Development Advantages in IMPA Communities, Public Power and Indiana

    Public Power communities are committed to helping businesses thrive in their community.

  • Financing and Incentive Programs

    Indiana offers a variety of grants and incentive programs to business and industries in the state.

  • Industry Specific Advantages

    Join others like you who call Indiana Home. IMPA serves over 330,000 residential and industrial customers across the state. Within IMPA’s 61 communities, there are many diverse businesses and industries. While there is a large variation in local economies, there are several targeted industry sectors that are strong, including advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, logistics, and manufacturing.