IMPA Services

Providing support to member communities beyond power supply.

IMPA Services

While the supply of low-cost, reliable, environmentally-responsible power to member communities is IMPA’s primary goal, the Agency also provides support to member utilities in other areas.

  • Member Support and Sponsorships

    With a dedicated member services staff, IMPA provides a variety of additional services to assist members in all possible ways:

    - Event participation and sponsorship
    - Training opportunities
    - Community Welcome Signs

    Contact us for more information about all of the services offered to IMPA member communities.

  • IMPA Workshops

    On the second Wednesday of select months, IMPA will provide a workshop for utility personnel. Training is meant to meet the needs of all utility personnel, including lineworkers, substation workers, meter personnel, engineering, management staff and customer service personnel.

  • Community presentations

    IMPA staff often present to local councils, community groups, school organizations, economic development meetings and other organizations to help build awareness and understanding of the Agency and the benefits it provides to member communities.

  • CFL Recycling Program

    IMPA provides compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) recycling buckets and boxes to member communities. Buckets can be placed in visible areas at a utility office, city hall or town building, allowing residents to deposit CFL bulbs for recycling. When full, the buckets and boxes can simply be sealed and mailed off for recycling.

  • Communications and Marketing

    IMPA’s communications and marketing efforts advocate the benefits of public power in local communities and throughout the state. In addition to newsletters the Agency produces on behalf of members, IMPA can provide assistance to member communities in designing advertisements, brochures, flyers, press releases and other materials.

  • Municipal Power News

    IMPA provides its member communities with an 8-page newsletter that is distributed to all retail electric customers several times per year.

  • IMPA Wire

    The Agency also publishes a bimonthly newsletter about happenings at IMPA and around the industry for members, elected officials and other interested parties.

  • Government Relations and Regulatory Activities

    IMPA monitors legislative and regulatory activity in Indiana and Washington, DC for issues that impact IMPA, our members and public power.  Our government relations team works closely with local, state and federal elected officials, as well as state and federal regulatory agencies and other appointed officials, to communicate the potential impacts that proposed legislation and regulations may have on IMPA, IMPA's members, their customers and municipal utilities in general. 

    IMPA's government relations team advocates for IMPA and its members through:
    - Year-round monitoring of state and federal legislative as well as regulatory activity.
    - Legislative briefings/updates 
    - Coalition building with local, state and national organizations with similar ideologies
    - Participation in and coordination of legislative events and seminars
    - Providing education about municipal utilities and building relationships with state and federal elected officials, appointed officials and regulatory agencies.

  • Legislative Updates

    IMPA provides legislative updates summarizing state and federal legislative and regulatory activity of importance to municipal electric communities.

  • District Maps

    IMPA's members and Indiana's public power communities are each represented by State and Federal Representatives and Senators.

  • Links of Interest

    IMPA works closely with organizations such as Accelerate Indiana Municipalities (AIM), the Indiana Municipal Electric Association (IMEA), the American Public Power Association (APPA) and the Transmission Access Policy Study group (TAPS), who share similar ideologies of local control and local decision-making.

  • Economic Development

    If your business is considering locating or growing, there is no better place than in one of IMPA’s public power communities. Learn more about IMPA’s Members and the competitive advantages of doing business in a public power community and in the state of Indiana.

  • IMPA Service Corp

    Many of IMPA's members needed engineering, project management, rate design, management consulting and retail customer services they could not cost-effectively provide with in-house staff. Today, IMPA Service Corp. provides these cost-effective services to municipally-owned utilities throughout the state.