Green Power Program

Green Power Program

Renewable energy resources - such as sun, wind, water and more - are valuable sources of energy being harnessed around the globe to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly manner.

Now, you can now do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and support renewable energy resources by participating in the Green Power Program!

What is it?

The Green Power Program enables customers of IMPA's municipal electric utilities to support the use of renewable energy resources in the production of electricity.

How do you participate?

  • Contact your local utility to determine if they are participating in the Green Power Program.
  • Obtain a sign-up form and brochure from your local utility.
  • Electricity under the Green Power Program is available at a minimal additional cost per kilowatt-hour more a month through your local utility provider.
  • Return your completed form to your local utility.
  • Pay your bill and rest easy knowing you are supporting green power efforts in Indiana!

Contact your local utility to participate!

Terms and Conditions:
1.  The customer shall enter into a service agreement with their local utility that shall specify the amount of Green Power in kWh to be purchased monthly.
2.  Service under this Program may be limited at the sole discretion of the utility, based on the expected amount of renewable energy available, average monthly energy usage of the customer, bill payment and collection histories.
3.  The customer may sign up for the program at any time and service will become effective at the beginning of the next full billing period, at which point the customer will be charged for the total amount of Green Power purchased.
4.  There is no limit on the level of green energy a customer can agree to purchase, but the customer will be required to pay the green power rate for the total level even if the customer’s actual monthly usage is lower than the fixed level.
5.  The customer may cancel their service under this Program at any time. However, any change in service will only become effective at the beginning of the next full billing period.  The charge for Green Power will not be prorated in the billing period in which the customer cancels.  Contact your local utility to cancel service under this Program.
6.  The municipal utility reserves the right to terminate the Program or revise the pricing or minimum purchase amount of the Program after giving 30 days notice, unless the change is a decrease in pricing, in which case no advance notice would be required.