Trimble County Station


Trimble County Unit 1 is a 514 MW coal-fired electric generating unit located in Kentucky on the Ohio River approximately 20 miles southwest of Madison, Indiana.  Trimble County Unit 1 was placed in service in 1990.  IMPA has a 12.88% undivided ownership interest in Trimble County Unit 1, which is jointly owned by Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) and the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA).  Trimble County Unit 1 is equipped with particulate, SO2 and NOX removal facilities and utilizes high sulfur coal.  Installation of a SCR for NOX control was completed in 2003.  The SOremoval facilities were upgraded in 2005 to increase removal efficiency.

Trimble County Unit 2 is a nominal 750 MW, supercritical steam unit constructed at the same site as Trimble County Unit 1.  Trimble County Unit 2 was placed in service in 2011.  IMPA has a 12.88% ownership interest in Trimble County Unit 2, which is approximately 100 MW.  LG&E, Kentucky Utilities, and IMEA also hold ownership interests in the unit.  Trimble County Unit 2 includes state-of-the-art emissions control, including a SCR, a dry electrostatic precipitator, a bag house; wet flue gas desulfurization; and a wet electrostatic precipitator.  The plant is designed to comply with all current emissions regulations and permit conditions and is well prepared to comply with upcoming federal regulations.  Trimble County Unit 2 also allows for fuel flexibility enabling the use of lower-cost or low sulfur fuels in the unit’s operation.