Rate & Management Services

Rate Related Services

Cost-of-Service Studies

IMPA Service Corp prepares all aspects of electric rate studies for members, including:

  • Gathering data from the various resources

  • Establishing the revenue requirements

  • Developing the cost-of-service studies which allocate the utility costs appropriately to each rate classification

  • Utilizing the cost-of-service study results to prepare the rate design

  • Preparing rate comparisons of the proposed rate design to rates of other utilities

  • Presenting the results of the study to member staff and Councils

  • Assisting with preparing and supporting the filing at the IURC with written and oral testimony, if requested

Tracker Calculations

IMPA Service Corp calculates quarterly tracking factors/fuel cost adjustment factors for members

  • Single tracker for all classes

  • Individual rate class trackers

  • Demand and energy trackers for large power customer classes

Development of Special Rates

IMPA Service Corp can help in special cases of rate design required for large utility customers that can account for:

  • Power factor penalties

  • Time of use rates

  • Off-peak operation

  • Rates for a separate delivery voltage

Development or Review of Terms and Conditions of Service

  • Developing Terms and Conditions for utility customers to include terms of service, customer responsibilities, rate assignment, provisions for energy theft, etc.

  • Review of existing utility Terms and Conditions to recommend changes or updates as needed

Regulatory Filings

Management of compliance programs for NERC Reliability Standards, which includes:

  • Interpretation and application of Reliability Standards

  • Creation of reliability documents

  • Scheduling of regulatory reports

  • NERC Audit preparation

  • Participation in meetings with regulatory agencies 

Asset Evaluation Studies

  • Perform a system wide inventory of fixed assets (poles, transformer, conductor, etc.)

  • Help determine present net worth of utility assets

Organizational Studies

IMPA Service Corp can help to evaluate the day-to-day operations of a utility and determine areas where improvement can be made to increase productivity or help reduce cost

  • Help with the development of job descriptions when searching for new utility personnel
  • Provide engineering or managerial assistance to a utility on an interim basis when the utility is searching for new personnel

Compensation Studies

IMPA Service Corp will review utility personnel compensations and compare to other similar jobs in the area to determine if the compensation is equivalent or in need of an increase