Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power Wins “Community Service” Award


Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power Wins “Community Service” Award
June 8, 2020 -  On Monday, June 8th, Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power (CEL&P) was awarded the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Sue Kelly Community Service Award. The award was presented to CEL&P at APPA’s Virtual Summit & Business Meeting that served as an online substitute for the National Conference this year.
                This award recognizes public power utilities that serves its community beyond power supply and improves the social, cultural, and educational landscape of their town or city. Recipients of this award must demonstrate a true commitment from the utility and its employees to enhancing the local quality of life through community-oriented efforts.
                As a public power utility that has provided high quality electric and community-oriented services for the last 130 years, CEL&P has become an integral component of Crawfordsville. For decades, CEL&P has collaborated with local schools to educate children about electrical safety, sponsored city-wide events, volunteered time and materials for the beautification of Crawfordsville, and participated in charity events to fundraise for the community. In 2019, utility personnel successfully established electric vehicle charging stations in two locations of the city to better support Crawfordsville residents and visitors. Even through the recent COVID-19 pandemic, CEL&P sought to connect with the community by handing out energy efficient light bulbs through their office’s drive-through to celebrate the utility’s 130th anniversary.  CEL&P consistently strives to support Crawfordsville beyond power supply and serves as a wonderful example of what a service-oriented public power utility can accomplish for its community.
                CEL&P advocates for public power while enriching the local community and caring deeply for their customers each and every day. The diligent work of CEL&P staff members is certainly worthy of national attention. IMPA, the wholesale power provider of CEL&P, was proud to see the utility be recognized by the APPA.
                “CEL&P is the epitome of a true public power community partner,” said Raj Rao, President and CEO of IMPA. “The utility shows every day, in so many ways, that it is dedicated to serving its customers beyond power supply. We are delighted to see CEL&P receive well-deserved national attention.”
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