IMPA announces new logo



CARMEL, IN – For nearly 40 years, the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) has provided municipally-owned electric utilities with a wholesale power supply that is low-cost, reliable, and environmentally-responsible.  Today, IMPA unveiled a new logo that portrays those values and visually positions the Agency for the future.

                IMPA’s prior logo spoke to the Agency’s historic roots providing electricity to municipal electric communities throughout Indiana. The new logo identity provides a fresh perspective on the progressive and evolving Agency, while still staying true to IMPA’s core purpose and identity. “The IMPA logo has been synonymous with public power in Indiana for over 30 years,” commented Raj Rao, IMPA president and CEO.  “Just as the Agency has grown and adapted throughout the years, it is time that our logo better reflect the state of our Agency and the ideals we hold for today and the future.”

The modified lightning bolt depicted in IMPA’s new logo – a symbol that has defined IMPA’s identity for many years – is a nod to the Agency’s historic logo while giving it a more progressive feel indicative of the Agency’s future.  The colors shown in the icon – yellow, orange, green, and blue – speak to the diversity of the Agency’s energy portfolio.  The colors and shape of the bolt  also symbolize the balance that must be maintained in a diverse power portfolio to best meet the needs of electric utilities, while also representing the many utilities that came together in the formation of the Agency.


The Indiana Municipal Power Agency is the not-for-profit wholesale power provider to 61 cities and towns in Indiana and Ohio who own and operate the municipal electric distribution systems in their communities. IMPA member communities deliver electric service to approximately 330,000 individuals throughout the state.  For more information, visit