CEL&P GM Earns National Honor


In his 40 years at CEL&P Phile Goode has worked his way up from a linesman to the General Manager, garnering the respect of industries peers along the way. Goode was honored this year with a spot on the American Public Power Association’s Honor Roll and was presented the award at the Indiana Municipal Power Agency’s Annual Meeting by IMPA President and CEO Raj Rao and APPA President Sue Kelly. 

“I was honored to be named as a recipient of the APPA Honor Roll Award,” Goode said. “It has been such a privilege to work for CEL&P as long as I have. As I celebrate 40 years with the utility this year, I’m honored that my work and dedication is being recognized on a national scale by an organization as respected as APPA. APPA has done a great deal as an organization to further the cause of Public Power throughout the nation, and it is humbling that my actions and spirit are recognized as an integral part of that movement.”

APPA represents 2,000 public power entities across the nation as the service organization. Each year it recognizes folks working hard to improve and strengthen public power across the nation. 

“Phil has played such a key role in IMPA’s ongoing growth and development,” said IMPA President Raj Rao. “He currently serves as the Vice President of our Board of Commissioners, as well as holds a seat on our Executive Committee. His experience, guidance and input are invaluable to the Agency and our work. We are so pleased that he has now been recognized by the American Public Power Association for his ongoing dedication to CEL&P and public power.”
Goode’s first day on the job as a linesman came in June of 1977.

“CEL&P continues to serve as one of our core strengths in moving this community forward,” Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton said. “Their commitment to excellence helps set us apart from other communities and Phil has long been a leader in setting the bar high. This community can be very proud of our electric utility and the leadership Phil has provided. This award is a true testament to Phil’s contributions locally, state wide and nationally, as one of the most effective leaders in providing public power.”

"Phil's hard work, personality and leadership over the years have led to this well-deserved honor for his contributions to CEL&P, the community, and state power organizations,” Lyle Fogel, President of the Utility Service Board, said. “Phil and the team he has developed have made CEL&P a nationally recognized community owned power company for reliable, low cost electricity."

Good is an active member of IMPA and the Indiana Municipal Electric Association, which is the statewide trade association for public power company’s. He was IMEA’s president in 2014.