GTI expanding Anderson plant for third time in a year


ANDERSON — Greenville Technology Inc. is planning a third expansion of its Anderson facilities in the past year.

GTI, 3511 W. 73rd St., was granted a special exception by the Anderson Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday for the construction of two office additions to the existing facility.
There was no decision by BZA members before the vote to approve the expansion.
“This is almost a technicality,” board member Greg Spencer said. “This is a small addition at a larger project.”
The expansion includes a 6,197-square-foot addition on the building's west side, adding an office, three conference rooms, quality control office, expansion of the cafeteria and relocating a 1,800-square-foot concrete patio.
The second office expansion will be a 2,996-square-foot addition on the east side of the building for three conference rooms.
Tim Stires, deputy director of the Anderson Municipal Development Department, said the expansion meets all of the city’s design standards.
The new expansion will include 14 additional parking spaces and parking for motorcycles and additional landscaping around the patio area.
Ken Van Buren, senior project manager for GTI, said the expansion will cost an estimated $1 million and be completed this year.
The company currently employs 350 people.
Last year the BZA approved a 3,744-square-foot addition to the existing plant and the expansion of a parking lot.
The building addition will be on the southeast corner of the GTI plant in the 3500 block of West 73rd Street. The addition is used for storage and water treatment.
The water will be treated and reused in the facility. No water will be discharged to the city’s sewage system.
Earlier in 2016 the BZA approved a 70,000-square-foot expansion of the plant that will create 25 new jobs at an annual salary of $30,784.
GTI is investing $8.8 million in real property and $15.2 million in new equipment.
The Anderson facility produces 12 component parts for the Honda Civic and Acura ILK. The expansion will allow GTI to apply finishes to the products it is currently manufacturing.
In 2012, the city offered $3.25 million in incentives for the company to locate in Anderson. GTI invested $21.4 million in the facility.

- Source: The Herald Bulletin;