Engineered to Speak Webinar Series

Join us as we welcome the authors of “Engineered to Speak”, Dr. Alexa Chilcutt and Dr. Adam Brooks. This 3-part series will teach attendees how to become better speakers & communicators, and how these skills can be applied in a  virtual space. 

SESSION 1: Analyzing Your Audience to Craft Effective Presentations
The ability to craft and present a message with confidence allows you to convey expertise and make favorable impressions that boost credibility. Effective messages require strategic preparation, beginning with identifying a clear topic and purpose for sharing the information with an audience. Understanding your audience is key to creating a compelling presentation. In this interactive session, Dr. Alexa Chilcutt will show participants how to gather information about key audiences to achieve desired outcomes.

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn:
  • Key questions for preparing a presentation/speech; 
  • How to connect with any audience; and
  • Rules for organizing your message effectively. 
SESSION 2: Delivering a Project Pitch / Effective Visual Aids
When it comes to making your ideas effective, it’s not what you say but how you say it that makes the difference. Delivery involves nonverbal communication including body language, use of voice, and visual aids. In the previous session, we worked to create a clearly organized message. Participants will be broken into small groups, one group with Dr. Chilcutt and one with Dr. Brooks, to deliver and receive feedback on a two minute pitch about a current project. We will then share effective tips on crafting visual aids that compliment rather than compete with your message. 

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn:
  • How to deliver a two-minute project pitch; 
  • How to receive useful feedback for professional development; and
  • Strategies for visual aid creation. 
SESSION 3: Mastering Presentations in the Virtual Space
Whether running your weekly staff meeting or building relationships with existing and prospective clients, your ability to confidently communicate your value to others in the virtual space is crucial. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Adam Brooks will help you transition your business communication skills to the virtual environment.
This interactive session will teach participants:
  • Tactics for effective presentation set-up and screen sharing techniques;
  • Tips and techniques to ensure you are driving engagement and staying connected in your virtual space;
  • How to frame your videos, lighting, and visual aids; and
  • Strategies for how to build relationships and community through impactful communication.
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